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Py4bot (Python framework for mutli-legs robots) is a free python framework dedicated to control multi-legs robots, like hexapods. It implements IK for 3 and 4 DoF legs, and new IKs can be added in a very easy way. It should even be possible to mix legs with different DoF on the same robot (untested).

With Py4bot comes a powerfull remote control engine, allowing user to control robots from different kind of controllers, like gamepads, joysticks or home-made smart remotes. An API will soon be available to control robots from http.

Py4bot is entirely written in python, so should run on any plateform running a python interpreter. My first target was a BeagleBone Black, running Debian. I now plan to switch to a Raspberry Pi 3.

There are several other projects for hexapod implementation, but neither are as flexible nor documented as Py4bot. Even if my implementation is not the best one (it is certainly not the best optimized one), I hope it is clear enough to help people who want to dig in this great domain to understand how things work.

Py4bot is not a commercial project: I develop it on my free time, because it is fun. So, I don't make support for professional usage. This does not mean that it can't be used by pros, but be aware that things can go wrong, and my responsibility can't be engaged is such case.

The Py4bot team

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Latest news

  • 2019-03: started to work on a free gait using restrictedness, based on this thesis
  • 2017-10: first tests with body auto-leveling
  • 2017-02: github -> framagit migration
  • 2016-03: Big push, with a lot of new features, and complete Tutorials.
  • 2015-09: Trac project creation


All Py4bot files and documents are released under GPL.




See this page.

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Main developement

  • Frédéric <fma at py4bot dot org>


  • Edgar <edgar at edgar dash bonet dot org> (gaits start/stop design)


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